The Story About Us

GREEN SHOP is a unique farm-to-Kitchen service that provides fresh vegetables right at the customers’ doorstep. Currently, the service is operational in Varanasi . We are primarily engaged in retailing of fresh vegetables.

Now, consumers can skip the hassles of supermarket lines, crowded local Sabzi market and traffic jams to simply get good quality, farm-fresh produce delivered at home. GREEN SHOP offers a wide variety of seasonal and local vegetables and fruits at the best prices.

GREEN SHOP puts the choice in the hands of the consumer. Whether it is the product range, payment mode or easy-ordering, customer is now king, shopping from the comfort of their home. Our commitment remains towards excellent quality at excellent prices so you can Eat, Feel and Live Fresh!

Why Choose Us

Eat Healthier

The Vegetable you eat have big effects on your health life.

Hygienic Products

The Vegetable we provide is a clean & well packed.

Fresh And Clean Vegetables

The Vegetable we provide is a fresh & well cleaned.

Shorted Vegetables

The Vegetable we provide is well clean & shorted.